Dates & Venue

Monday & Tuesday, 22 to 23 July 2019. Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni, South Africa.

Outdoor Technology Demo Day proposed for SA GeoTech 2017

As a result of several requests from exhibitors, EE Publishers is considering hosting an Outdoor Technology Demo Day at the Barnstormers Model Aircraft Flying Club near Emperors Palace on Thursday 27 July 2017.

This will provide SA GeoTech 2017 exhibitors opportunity to live-demo their geo-technologies, vehicle mounted cameras, fixed and mobile scanners, sensors, data acquisition devices, drones/UAVs, GPS, surveying equipment,etc., in real-world field conditions.

Exhibitors interested in participating in the proposed Outdoor Technology Demo Day should contact Aimee Clarke, event manager at EE Publishers.

Chris Yelland

Chris Yelland