There are three workshops taking place at SA GeoTech 2019:

  1. Mobile mapping workshop presented by Vexcel Imaging
  2. Building information modelling Workshop presented by The BIM Academy Africa
  3. UAV photogrammetry workshop presented by Phase One Industrial Solutions

Please indicate on your booking form if you are interested to attend a workshop, as space is limited to only 30 delegates in each.


Redefining 3D reality capture with the UltraCam Panther

Presented by Engelbert Breg, Vexcel Imaging

The portable UltraCam Panther is a reality capture system for off-road collection in outdoor and indoor environments. With 172 megapixels per full-spherical image, the camera head provides photogrammetric-grade imagery with an exceptional resolution and image dynamic while always on the move.

It allows users to document, extract and model with a ruggedised system that is easy to deploy, operate and maintain for use in areas from mobile mapping and facility and asset management, to natural resources and safety and security.

This workshop will walk you through all steps from introducing the system and its data capture workflow to applications and case studies. You will also get the chance to try the UltraCam Panther first hand.

Can’t make it to the workshop? No worries! Stop by at the Vexcel Imaging booth (stand 19) at the SA GeoTech 2019 Exhibition and learn more about the UltraCam Panther’s industry-leading capabilities, flexibility and versatility.

Engelbert Breg, the Vexcel Imaging sales director for EMEA & Latin America will be happy to give you a hands-on demo.

No skills level or prior experience required for the workshop.

Redefining UAV inspections using the Phase One iXM series cameras and AF lens

Presented by James Wardlow, Phase One Industrial Solutions

This workshop will give you an insight into Phase One Industrial and a run through of the company’s complete portfolio of cameras, hardware and software solutions. The company will introduce its iXM camera along with use cases. A practical demonstration of the IXM will follow to showcase the use of the AF lens for inspection purposes, followed by a video of the IXM-100 with RSM 150 mm AF lens on a typical inspection mission.

The Phase One Industrial iXM camera series is a versatile medium-format system developed specifically for UAV mapping and inspection. With both 50 and 100 megapixel options, there are also offer a range of lenses to suit both mapping and inspection applications. This high resolution and industrial quality camera provides photogrammetric-grade accuracy with a medium-format footprint for the drone operator. With an increased resolution, and photogrammetric accuracy when compared to typical UAV cameras, the iXM offers increased efficiency, reliability, accuracy and safety in operation.

James Wardlow, the Phase One system sales manager for EMEA, will host the workshop. Wardlow will provide a hands on demonstration of the solution and answer any questions you may have regarding all Phase One Industrial solutions.

BIM for Leaders Master Class Workshop

Presented by The BIM Academy Africa

This BIM workshop for leadership is an intensive workshop designed to give managers and other interested persons the complete lowdown of building information modelling (BIM) with geographic information systems (GIS). It is a software agnostic workshop, accredited by CanBIM (Canada BIM Council) and White Frog, and is endorsed by the Northumbria University Newcastle.

The workshop will help participants get to grips with the information models, processes and delivery methods required to make an impact in their BIM careers. BIM must speak to everyone’s needs, and requires an approach that facilitates learning with a bigger picture of collaborative information models in mind.

Attendees will learn the fundamental concepts of BIM, its different processes, its business benefits and the critical factors for successful BIM implementation on projects.

The workshop starts with the understanding of a BIM strategy and the importance of publishing information into one single “source of the truth” for everyone on the project. They will also learn how to manage the process and the different role players in BIM. Next, delegates will explore the pros and cons of BIM in the various project delivery methods, and by the end of the workshop will have covered critical processes and deliverables necessary for BIM in a project life cycle.

The course comprises a mixture of presentations and practical exercises to introduce participants to:

  • Global trends: Standards, guidelines, policies and education
  • Process: Learn about various stages with the life cycle of a BIM project
  • Delivery methods: What to expect with different delivery methods on a project
  • Management: How to be a leader and deal with critics and traditional thinkers
  • BIM maturity: assessing BIM competencies within an organisation

Contact Vaughan Harris, BIM Academy Africa, Tel 021 518-0993,