Dates & Venue

Tuesday and Wednesday, 25 and 26 July 2017. Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni, South Africa.


The SA GeoTech 2017 programme has been finalised and details on the keynote speakers and presenters are available here.

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Presenters at SA GeoTech 2017 – 25 June 2017

Day 1

Keynote Presenter: Geoff Zeiss
Organisation: Between the Poles
Presentation: Geospatial technological trends and their business value for utilities

Geoff Zeiss has been tracking the contribution of geospatial technology to the digitization of construction, operation and maintenance of energy, building and transportation infrastructure in his blog “Between the Poles” since 2007. Geoff Zeiss has more than 20 years’ experience in the geospatial IT industry working with utilities, communications, and public works in enterprise IT around the world. He was responsible for thought leadership, evangelization, and industry messaging for the utility industry program at Autodesk. In his early career, he was responsible for some of the largest successful implementations of location-aware enterprise design and records management software in the utility and telecommunications sectors. In 2004, he received a global technology award from Oracle Corporation for technical innovation and leadership in the use of Oracle.

Presenter: Raphael Goudard
Company: Leica Geosystems
Title: Data is the new oil : How mobile mapping solutions answer to these new demands

Raphael Goudard is an experienced business manager with a strong technical understanding in 3D metrology, laser scanning, GNSS, topography and mobile mapping. He has broad experience in solving problems specific to surveying and successful experience in sales and market development for the mobile mapping solutions of Leica Geosystems.


Presenter: Rudolf de Munnik
Company: Esri South Africa
Title: The power of location analytics for utilities management

Rudolf de Munnik is registered as a Professional GISc Practitioner at the South African Geomatics Council (PGP 0084) and an Esri certified ArcGIS Enterprise Administration Associate. Rudolf has been working in the field of GIS since 1989, 27 years’ experience in spatial data capture and quality control procedures, spatial database implementations and spatial enterprise integration solutions. Rudolf worked for the Department of Agriculture and the Agriculture Research Council for 12 years after which he joined GIMS, now Esri South Africa, in 2001. During his employment at GIMS and Esri South Africa he has gained experience in location solutions in the public and private sectors, agriculture, mining, national, provincial and local government, and more specifically with Land Information System implementations and integration. Rudolf currently works as a GIS Consultant in the Technical Marketing department of Esri South Africa, Midrand Head Office.

Presenter: Johan Kock
Company: VI Instruments
Title: Robotic total stations and the job site

Johan Kok has completed the basic main survey course at the Chamber of Mines and the gyroscopic survey principals course at the University of Johannesburg. He qualified as an A+ and N+ technician at Werludu. He has a Comprehensive Programming Diploma from CTI and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) from ITIQ.

Presenter: Fred Cawood
Company: Wits Mining Institute
Title: The Digital Mine – Using technology to make mining safer and more sustainable.

Cawood started his career as a mine surveyor with Goldfields, and then became a mine surveying inspector for the Department Minerals and Energy; before moving into teaching at Technikon SA in 1996. He joined Wits University three years later. After obtaining his Government Certificate of Competency (Mine Surveying), Cawood has earned a National Diploma and the Higher National Diploma in Mine Surveying from Wits Technikon, a Graduate Diploma in Engineering in the field of Mineral Economics at Wits University, an LLM degree in Mineral Law and Policy from Dundee University in Scotland, and a PhD degree at Wits on optimal rent levels for South African mineral resources. He is an executive member and past president of the Institute of Mine Surveyors of South Africa (IMSSA), and a member of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM). Other responsibilities include serving on the mining sub-committee of the Davis Tax Commission of Inquiry, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) International Study Group to Review Africa’s Mining Regimes, the African Mining Network, and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Investment Network.

Presenter: Ryno Goosen
Company: Suritec
Title: Open source GIS software: Supporting a geospatial intelligence approach to counter copper cable conductor theft.

Ryno Goosen is a director and Chief Technology Officer of Suritec and Suritec Geospatial. He consults on the Internet of Things (IoT), C4ISR, early warning systems, activity based intelligence (ABI) and geospatial intelligence analysis frameworks and is responsible for the technology development initiatives in these areas. He holds a Master’s Degree in Information and Knowledge Management (M.Phil.) (IKM) (cum laude) from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, specialising in intelligence analysis, early warning systems, sensemaking and visual analytics. Ryno has more than 16 years’ experience in the implementation of formal knowledge management systems on an enterprise level, visual analytics, early warning and geospatial applications focussing on sensor rich environments in the public and private sector. Ryno also teaches Structured Analytical Techniques to analysts in these sectors on a regular basis. He has a keen interest in software assisted sensemaking processes of humans and organisations operating in sensor rich environments and presented a paper to this effect at the SA KM Summit, in May 2015.

Presenter: Michael Breetzke
Company: Swift Geospatial
Title: Converting 3D point cloud to vector models for use in engineering CAD software systems.

Michael is a geospatial specialist with a BSc in Geography from the University of Pretoria, and has extensive experience in GIS analysis and remote sensing. He has provided GIS analysis support for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) bid, worked on numerous lidar and aerial photography projects, and is a co-founder and director of Swift Geospatial. He also lectures on Quantam GIS, the open source GIS software package, at the University of Pretoria.

Presenter: Tyrone Harmsen
Company: AAM
Title: Geosolutions for the cloud – An international perspective

Tyrone is an experienced and versatile Geospatial Solutions professional, with particular experience in Geospatial web services and enterprise level hosting in cloud environments. He has a B.Sc. Geomatics (GIS and Land Surveying) from the University of Cape Town. Tyrone has over 10 years’ experience at the leading edge of the digital mapping and GIS software industry. His experience in both the international and local markets in both technical and business roles, provides a unique perspective within the fast paced and rapidly changing landscape of the GIS and geospatial solution world.

Presenter: Shuaib Yunos
Company: Baker Baynes
Title: The full workflow: From point cloud to designing to visualisation

Before joining Baker Baynes as a BIM Specialist in Civil Infrastructure, I was in the Civil Engineering Consultancy Industry, forming part of the design team and being involved in the project fields of Roads & Stormwater, Civil & Structural, as well as Water Engineering, the bulk of my design experience being in Road & Stormwater design. I am currently pursuing my Civil Engineering BTech Degree, specializing in Urban Engineering and affiliated with professional bodies ECSA (201620594), SAICE (201700349) & SAID (#16082). I love design, infrastructure & technology and having an engineering technical background as well as having a passion for design, gives me as a Civil Application Engineer a strong perspective of the challenges professionals in the industry are faced with on a daily basis. I am a designer at heart, and the fact that I can equip fellow engineers & design professionals to achieve their design ambitions makes me very proud of what I do, enabling others to design a better world for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Keynote Presenter: Annie Bekker, PhD
Organisation: University of Stellenbosch
Presentation: Digitising the hull and propeller of the SA Agulhas II

Annie Bekker has a Phd from the University of Cape Town. She is the Director of the Sound and Vibration Research Group at the University of Stellenbosch. The group is currently focussed on human responses to sound and vibration in the occupational environment and vibration-related responses of polar supply and research vessels in the Arctic and Antarctic. She will be talking about the work done by the Sound and Vibration Research Group and the work it has been doing on the SA Agulhas II. Emerging research focuses for the group include topics in operational modal analysis, rotational dynamics and the use of big data for decision aiding. Bekker is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and teaches undergraduate courses in sound and vibration and strength of materials. Previously she worked at Optimal Energy, the privately owned South African company which endeavoured to design and engineer Africa’s first battery electric vehicle, the Joule. She has also conducted research into injury mitigation in the development of landmine resistant vehicles.

Presenter: Barend Bornman
Company: Aciel Geomatics
Title: High definition scanning solutions for infrastructure and asset management

Barend Bornman is a qualified Engineering Surveyor been working for Aciel Geomatics for the last 5 years and specialises in integrated 3D laser scanning solutions.

Presenter: Roberto Vargas
Company: 3D Laser Mapping
Title: Measuring the potential impact of offshore mining on coastal instability through integrated time-series laser scanning and photography.

Roberto is the Regional Business Development Manager for 3D Laser Mapping. With over 13 years of mining experience, Roberto brings a great amount of experience delivering solutions to the mining value chain across different commodities on the African continent. Roberto specialises in nurturing new business relationships in both the open pit and underground mining markets as well as managing project deployments and has previously worked with Modular Mining and Trafigura Mining Group.

Presenter: Dario Conforti
Company: Teledyne Optech
Title: Using static and mobile laser scanners to measure and manage open pit mines

Dario Conforti Andreoni has a Bachelor’s Degree of Surveying from Polytechnic of Milan. He has worked as a Technical analyst at the University of Milan on the technical analysis and acceptance of airborne photogrammetry projects. He is an expert user of LiDAR industry software such as PolyWorks, I-Site, Reconstruction, MicroStation, and Rhino and TerraScan. He has technical skills in GIS: ArcGIS, ArcIms, ArcGIS Server, and MapInfo. And he also has skills in Graphic software: Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. He is responsible for the entire Teledyne Optech’s distribution network of landbased LiDAR survey products (Polaris, ILRIS, Maverick and CMS).

Presenter: Norbert Plate
Company: iQLaser
Title: Advantages of using RTK/PPK in drone surveys

Presenter: Linda Reid
Company: Lightstone Explore
Title: The power of geospatial data views in supporting better business decisions

Linda Reid has spent her career in businesses that specialise in drawing actionable insights that can deliver effective change, out of specialised datasets. Initially working as a management consultant in the UK branch of the international healthcare firm IMS Health, she eventually returned to South Africa to manage the growth of the local office, leading the organisation as South Africa Country Manager. Since joining Lightstone Explore in 2015, Linda has been the client interface for the Explore team that specialises in solving business problems that have a spatial component. Her main role involves understanding the business issues a client has, designing a solution with the help of the analytical team, selling the solution to the client and managing the delivery of the project to the client team.

Presenter: Weldegebriel Mebrahtu
Company: Jigjiga University, Ethiopia
Title: Dynamics of Land Use Land Cover Change and Urbanization in Jigjiga Town, Ethiopian Somali

Weldegebriel Mebrahtu works in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Jigjiga University in Ethiopia. He has an MSc in Geo-information from Bahir Dar University (2012-2013) and a BA in Geography and Environmental Studies from Aksum University (2008-2010).

Presenter: James Paterson
Company: Aerobotics
Title: Agriculture and survey: Data driven drone insights

James was brought up on a fruit farm and has always had a love for robotics, inventions and entrepreneurship. While on the farm, he designed and built a mechanized drip-line irrigation cleaner as well as citrus trailers. He holds a BSc in Mechatronics Engineering from the University Cape Town, and won awards for building aerial and ground robots during his time there. He went on to study a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. During his time at MIT, he worked on projects including gimbaled rocket control, an optical flow localisation system and autonomous collision avoidance and path planning algorithms for unmanned aerial vehicles. His main contribution to the field of artificial intelligence was his research into developing planning and scheduling algorithms for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle missions including search-and-rescue and area mapping.

Presenter: Kalumba Bwale
Company: Lubambe Copper Mine, Zambia
Title: Optimising the economic impact of 3D laser scanning in copper mining

Kalumba Bwale is The Chief Surveyor at Lubambe Copper Mine in Zambia’s Copperbelt province. He has been a professional Mine Surveyor for over 10 years. He spent the last five years developing Lubambe Copper Mines Quality Control processes and procedures and is the resident expert on laser scanning. He holds a Diploma in Mine Surveying from the Copperbelt University, a degree in Project Management from Cavendish University and is a registered engineer with the Engineering Institute of Zambia. Kalumba has pioneered a number of system improvements as well as a number continuous improvement projects.

Presenters at SA GeoTech 2017 – 26 June 2017

Day 2

Keynote Presenter: Johann Louw,
Organisation: Virtual Reality Laboratory, University of Pretoria
Presentation: Virtual reality: Turning big data into information through visualisation

Johan Louw has a BEng (Mining Hons) from the University of Pretoria. He is the manager of the University of Pretoria’s world class Virtual Reality Centre. The centre strives to be an innovative resource for bringing real-world scenarios to learners to enhance their exposure to their chosen industry; and also allows technical and other practitioners to simulate plans and designs in a risk-free environment with minimal time and resource allocation. Louw will be detailing how exposure to an immersive experience which portrays data visually, makes it easier for project managers to make decisions and improve on their project designs and other activities that operationalise their strategies. There are numerous operational benefits to be gained from interpreting and portraying actual data in the high-quality and realistic visual format offered by the Virtual Reality Centre. Operational productivity, overall effectiveness, and long-term and socio-economic consequences can be visualised by playing out different scenarios before committing resources. Incidents impacting operational risk can be minimised when one can simulate activities without actually exposing people or equipment to harm, and virtual reality also allows multiple data sets to be converted into strategic business information.

Presenter: Ulrico Grech-Cumbo
Company: DeepVR
Title: Virtual reality: creating physical presence in a digital world

After graduating from Wits University with a BSc. Mech Eng in 2007, Ulrico turned to entrepreneurship and started three companies in the engineering, marketing and technology industries. Ulrico now focuses full time on using virtual reality technology to shift industries forward.

Presenter: Craig Vorster and Charles Zwanepoel
Company: United Drone Holdings
Title: Drones improving efficiency in mining

Craig Vorster is the Chief Operating Officer at United Drone Holdings. He is responsible for the daily operation of the company, and routinely reports to the highest-ranking executive. He is responsible for the development and sales of RPAS (remotely pilot aircraft systems) products. He is also the solutions architect of the RPAS full solution which United Drone Holdings brings to the market. He has 9 years of experience as a Radio Control Aircraft Technician and with RPAS operations and implementation. He has a Remote Pilot License from the South African Civil Aviation Authority. He has undergone Visual Air’s Quality Assurance System induction and Aviation Safety System induction. He has also undergone Raven Manufactural Training and Skywalker Manufactural Training.

Charles Zwanepoel is the Principal Surveyor at United Drone Holdings. He is responsible for leading and managing a professional team within the mine survey service. He is responsible for assisting the surveyors to provide expert technical advice on survey control matters; to supervise and co-ordinate the survey and site inspection teams in relation to technical and legal compliance with the Mine Survey Regulations. Prior to this he worked for 9 years at the Department of Mineral Resources as an Inspector of Mines. He has a National Diploma in Surveying (Mining). He has also worked as a Sectional Surveyor at Impala Platinum for 4 years and Buffelsfontein Gold Mining for 32 years.

Presenter: Jason Richards
Company: Maptek
Title: Geotechnical stability solution – Predicting failures in a hard rock mine

Jason Richards joined Maptek almost 20 years ago after working in underground and open cut operations as a mine geologist. His initial involvement with Maptek mine planning and survey solutions led to a focus on promoting laser scanning solutions to the mining market and ultimately to the head of business development for laser imaging solutions where he managed sales, development and manufacturing groups. Jason has developed significant expertise in identifying laser scanning solutions for site survey applications, along with expert skills in exploiting point cloud data for geotechnical analysis. Today Jason is a Technical Solutions Specialist, focusing on analysing technology and market trends to set strategies that satisfy customer needs for technical solutions across mine measurement, mine planning and mine operations.

Presenter: Laurette Coetzee
Company: AfriGIS
Title: Uncovering where to provide optimised services

Laurette is a registered Professional GISc Practitioner with PLATO and holds a professional degree in Town and Regional Planning. She has extensive experience in the GIS field, stretching over 17 years, with a high level of understanding and knowledge of the different facets of Earth Science and Computer Science. She has worked as an Account Manager and Project Manager on a large number of projects, managing projects from inception through to delivery. She understands property and asset management and have successfully implemented various GIS applications related to asset and property management.

Presenter: Pierre Rossouw and Merry Law
Company: Expert consultant to Universal Postal Union, a UN agency and WorldVu
Title: Address, geocode and postcode Systems in African countries, with special reference to Kenya

Pierre Rossouw is an accredited address coding and geo-location expert, by the Universal Postal Union, a specialized United Nations agency. He has over two decades of experience in this field. He designs, develops and implements such systems on developing countries. He is an accredited expert of the UPU on address systems internationally, was elected chairman of the International Standards Board in 2014 and is now a professional private practitioner in this subject.

Merry Law is president of WorldVu LLC. She oversees publications, software, and worldwide marketing programs concerning address systems. She is editor of the authoritative Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats and designer of Accurate Worldwide Addresses software. Merry is a consultant on international databases, on direct marketing and works with firms and key executives to identify and overcome barriers to international business.

Presenter: Lebogang Mashishi
Company: Esri South Africa
Title: Mapping your way to business intelligence and success

Lebogang Mashishi is a GIS specialist at Esri South Africa, a GIS software and solutions company based in Midrand, Johannesburg. Previously a GIS trainer, she now works in the Technical Marketing division where she works with the sales and marketing teams to proactively craft and propose solutions that clarify how GIS brings business value to address critical business challenges faced by customers. She graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BSc degree in Geoinformatics.

Presenter: Pierre Rossouw
Company: Expert consultant to Universal Postal Union, a UN agency
Title: Analysis, applicability and value of Discrete Global Grid Systems

Pierre Rossouw is an accredited address coding and geo-location expert, by the Universal Postal Union, a specialized United Nations agency. He has over two decades of experience in this field. He designs, develops and implements such systems on developing countries. He is an accredited expert of the UPU on address systems internationally, was elected chairman of the international Standards Board in 2014 and is now a professional private practitioner in this subject.

Keynote Presenter: Vaughan Harris, National Higher Diploma in Quantity Surveying
Organisation: BIM Institute
Presentation: Building information modelling (BIM) – its capabilities and its role in South Africa

Vaughan Harris is the founder of the BIM Institute for South Africa, and has over twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry. He will be speaking on BIM, its capabilities and its role in South Africa. Harris has provided training and consultancy services to the South African government, institutions, and associations throughout South Africa and has an excellent relationship with the international estimating and architectural software community and with many of the major international corporations within the construction industry. He was involved in various sectors of the construction industry locally and internationally before becoming interested in defining information management systems to better coordinate construction processes within the construction industry. As a result, he began studying and specialising in various information technology platforms while working with a range of parastatal clients throughout South Africa. His seven years with Construction Computer Software gave him the opportunity to work closely with most of South Africa’s largest contractors to define their internal systems and processes as well as being involved in implementing information management systems on large capital projects.

Presenter: Jannie Engelke
Company: Southern Mapping
Title: Using remote sensing technologies for infrastructure projects

Jannie completed his studies in 1991 with a HND in Survey and worked in Eskom Transmission Land Survey Department on power line route selection and surveys as well as precise surveys on power and sub stations. He was also involved in environmental studies, public participation and management plans for power lines. During this time, he took part in the studies for providing 22kV power to end users by induction from high voltage power lines. From 2002 onwards as Operational Manager; he was in charge of all field operations across Africa. This role also included Civil Aviation approvals for aircraft and helicopter installations. He is registered with the South African Geomatics Council as a Surveyor, is a member of the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI) and is an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Mine Surveyors of Southern Africa.

Presenter: Kendall James
Company: Hexagon Geospatial
Title: Role that geospatial technologies are playing in critical infrastructure development /BIM for engineering and geospatial professionals

Kendall James has worked in a variety of industries over the last 20 years of his professional career, including London’s major programmes (London 2012, Thames Tideway Tunnels and High Speed 2), commercial forestry, bulk water infrastructure, local and central government, engineering, asset management, BIM and environmental management. Kendall brings together the value in deploying spatial strategies and information integration across multiple, seemingly disconnected information sets to drive business benefit within a spatial enterprise. He has a post graduate degree in Geography as well as a senior certificate in Engineering Management. He is also a certified PRINCE 2 (Practitioner) Project Manager as well as Foundation in AGILE Project Delivery. His strong technical background and strong business sense combined with a passion for geography helps deliver business benefit at all levels within the spatial context. He is also SAGC GISc Professional (PGP).

Presenter: Haitham Haroun and Rashid Burkhllal
Company: CHC Nav
Title: Latest technologies in GNSS and GIS

Haitham Haroun is the Business manager for CHC NAV for north, east and South Africa. He holds an MSc in Surveying and Geomatics engineering entitled “Using VRS in positioning”. He worked for a Trimble dealer in Egypt and Morocco for 5 years and worked as a GNSS and GIS segment manager with Leica Geosystems for 3 years.


Presenter: Shuaib Yunos
Company: Baker Baynes
Title: Technology / current trends in the geotech space

Before joining Baker Baynes as a BIM Specialist in Civil Infrastructure, I was in the Civil Engineering Consultancy Industry, forming part of the design team and being involved in the project fields of Roads & Stormwater, Civil & Structural, as well as Water Engineering, the bulk of my design experience being in Road & Stormwater design. I am currently pursuing my Civil Engineering BTech Degree, specializing in Urban Engineering and affiliated with professional bodies ECSA (201620594), SAICE (201700349) & SAID (#16082). I love design, infrastructure & technology and having an engineering technical background as well as having a passion for design, gives me as a Civil Application Engineer a strong perspective of the challenges professionals in the industry are faced with on a daily basis. I am a designer at heart, and the fact that I can equip fellow engineers & design professionals to achieve their design ambitions makes me very proud of what I do, enabling others to design a better world for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Presenter: Tim Leary
Company: Woolpert
Title: High resolution survey and orthophoto project of the Dosso-Gaya region in the Republic of Niger.

During his more than 25-year career as a geospatial information expert, Tim Leary has always had a talent for identifying and developing new technology that results in innovative solutions for his clients. Tim helped clients develop new products and optimize workflows for GeoSAR, an airborne, dual-frequency interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR), designed for elevation and imagery mapping in difficult terrain and cloudy conditions. He was among the first geospatial experts to use commercial aerial and satellite imagery in flight training, simulation and computer gaming. As a Program Director in Woolpert’s National Security group, Tim brings hands-on geospatial experience and his passion for innovation to clients in the military, intelligence community, government and the private sector. Tim has the unique ability to understand clients’ requirements and then link both data and technologies to produce creative solutions that streamline production and provide immediate access to actionable geospatial information. With expertise in remote sensing, image processing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and technology integration, Tim helps clients push the boundaries of what’s possible and extend the current state-of-the-art. Tim is skilled with satellite and aerial imagery, radar (GeoSAR), lidar and sonar, and is familiar with all of the standard sensor data formats and some legacy formats.

Presenter: Wilhelm Herbst
Company: Optron
Title: Effectively inspecting and maintaining an electricity network – a Stellenbosch case study.

Wilhelm is registered as a Professional GIS Practitioner, and is an Honorary member of GISSA. He was involved with the development of local GIS product, ReGIS, in the 1990s. He has been a GIS consultant since 1990 and has worked extensively locally and overseas in countries such as Australia, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland and Brazil. Wilhelm has previously worked as the managing director of Computer Foundation, M Squared Holdings, Nous Holdings, and Open Spatial Solutions. He is currently working at Optron.

Presenter: Dean Mcormick
Company: Hexagon Geospatial
Title: Continuous monitoring of ground surface displacement and infrastructures with satellite imagery

Dean McCormick is qualified with an MSc Environmental Geochemistry from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and has 16 years’ experience in the geospatial industry. He began his career in production photogrammetry in South Africa. In 2000, Dean joined ERDAS in the UK providing technical pre-sales support for the EMEA region, before joining Homecheck UK, a company specialising in online property searches. It was here that he was tasked with sourcing and incorporating new geospatial data into the company’s extensive range of products. In 2005 he rejoined ERDAS before taking over responsibility as regional manager for the Middle East and Africa region. Following the merger with Intergraph (acquired by Hexagon), Dean was tasked with overseeing Hexagon Geospatial’ s channel business in Africa, a position he currently holds.

Presenter: Keletso Moilwe
Company: North-West University
Title: Depicting spatial patterns in localised rangeland condition using geospatial analysis

Keletso Moilwe completed a BSc degree in Geography and Biology from North-West University (Mafikeng Campus) in 2016. She is currently completing her Honours BSc in the Department of Geography and Environmental Science at North-West University (Mafikeng Campus) under the supervision of Chris Munyati, who is co-author of the presentation. Chris Munyati has extensive experience in the use of geospatial analysis to provide solutions to environmental science and environmental management problems.